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Most Alliance publications can be downloaded from this web site.  

The following print materials can be purchased: 

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Playing It Up-With Loose Parts, Playpods, and Adventure Playgrounds. To order print copies, click here.

Adventure: The value of risk in children's play. Click here for a sample of the book, including the introduction. To order print copies, click here.

Crisis in the Kindergarten: Why Children Need to Play in School (PDF)
To order print copies of Crisis in the Kindergarten, click here.

Tech Tonic: Towards a New Literacy of Technology  ($16)

Fool’s Gold: A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood ($14)
    Fool's Gold and Tech Tonic can be ordered together for $25.

The Playwork Primer by Penny Wilson ($10)

Poster of Childhood verse, 11 x 17 print size ($5)


 The following publications and videos are available online: 


Playing It Up-With Loose Parts, Playpods, and Adventure Playgrounds

Adventure: The Value of Risk in Children's Play


Reports and articles

Improving Children's Health through Play: Exploring Issues and Recommendations

Facing the Screen Dilemma: Young Children, Technology and Early Education

Facing the Screen Dilemma: Spanish translation

Facing the Screen Dilemma: German translation

The Crisis in Early Education - A Research-Based Case for More Play and Less Pressure

Video Games, A Critical Analysis by Lowell Monke

Crisis in the Kindergarten, 8-page summary of the report

Fool’s Gold: A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood - Spanish Language


Policy briefs

The Loss of Children's Play: A Public Health Issue

Experiential Learning and Play in PreK and Kindergarten


Fact  sheets

Playwork and Play

Time for Play, Every Day

Twelve Key Types of Play

When Kindergarten Testing Is Out of Hand

Crisis in the Kindergarten, one page summary

Nature Resource List



The Benefits of Risk in Children's Play
Produced by the Alliance and KaBOOM!, this film stresses the idea that children's risk-taking is important for becoming comfortable and secure in the world.

Family Play, Family Well-Being
The family that plays together stays together. A KaBOOM! film featuring many children along with six play advocates, including the Alliance's Joan Almon.

Prescription for Play with Drs. Ken Ginsburg and Marilyn Benoit. Made in partnership with KaBOOM!

Playwork: An Introduction. Made in partnership with KaBOOM!

Wetlands and Wonder. Made by the EPA, and featuring the Alliance's Joan Almon


Published by the Alliance and distributed by University of Michigan Press

Where Do the Children Play?
A Study Guide to the Film (2010 edition)
edited by Elizabeth Goodenough.  Order at Excerpt can be seen here.